Bomb Threat Leads to Evacuation of Austrian High School

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.15 - 2024 11:34 AM CET

Photo: Lapovac /
Photo: Lapovac /
A bomb threat has led to the evacuation of the Academic High School in Linz, Austria.

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A bomb threat with an alleged "Islamist background" has prompted a large-scale police operation and the evacuation of the Academic High School in Linz, Upper Austria, as reported by the German news outlet Kurier.

The school, situated in the heart of Linz, has been surrounded by heavily armed police officers, and the area has been sealed off extensively.

Eyewitnesses report that the police presence is substantial, with approximately 20 police vehicles at the scene, and officers equipped with bulletproof vests and helmets.

Special units including Cobra (an elite police tactical unit) and explosives detection dogs are actively involved in the operation.

The perimeter around the school has been cordoned off, affecting a radius of about 80 meters.

Due to the school's central location, nearby shops have been closed, and continuous evacuations are being carried out in the buildings close to the school. The affected zone stretches from Spittelwiese at the corner of Landstrasse to Herrenstrasse and the promenade.

As of now, the exact details of the operation remain unclear, but initial reports suggest that the threat was probably a bomb threat.

Police are taking the threat seriously, although it is still to be confirmed whether the Islamist background to the threat is substantiated.

The situation is ongoing, and further updates are expected as the operation continues.

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