Bombshell Book Reveals Bill Clinton's Harsh Critique of Hillary's Campaign

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.16 - 2023 7:40 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Bombshell Book Reveals Bill Clinton's Harsh Critique of Hillary's Campaign.

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a new book by Ryan Grim titled "The Squad: AOC and the Hope of a Political Revolution" has brought to light some intriguing insights about the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

Notably, the book reveals former President Bill Clinton's critical perspective on his wife Hillary Clinton's campaign strategies during her presidential run.

According to Grim, Bill Clinton expressed significant dissatisfaction with the campaign's approach, particularly its use of identity politics and communication style. He is quoted as lamenting to a friend in the fall of 2016 that Hillary’s campaign was ineffectively communicating its message, using an analogy that suggested a lack of persuasiveness.

This revelation casts a new light on the dynamics within the Clinton household during the 2016 campaign. It suggests a divergence in viewpoints between the former president and his wife, who was then a presidential candidate.

The book's account indicates that Bill Clinton had reservations about the campaign's direction and its impact on potential moderate voters.

The Clintons, who have been married since 1975 and share a daughter, Chelsea, have been prominent figures in American politics for decades. This new information adds another layer to the public's understanding of their relationship and their roles in the political landscape, especially during the high-stakes period of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

This development, as reported in Grim's book, offers a rare glimpse into the private opinions and concerns of one of America's most influential political couples, particularly during a pivotal moment in recent U.S. political history