Boy gets stuck in washing machine while staying at home with his grandmother

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.12 - 2023 11:23 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Boy gets stuck in washing machine while staying at home with his grandmother.

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In a nerve-wracking incident in Kazan, emergency responders came to the aid of a five-year-old boy who found himself trapped inside the drum of a washing machine.

The boy was at home under the care of his grandmother when the unsettling event occurred.

Unable to free her grandson on her own, the concerned grandmother promptly contacted the Emergency Situations Ministry for assistance. Upon arrival, the rescuers found the young boy in distress, screaming and complaining of leg pain.

One of the rescuers took immediate action to calm the boy down, reassuring him that help had arrived.

The rescue operation was delicate, requiring careful maneuvering to ensure the boy's safety.

The team worked diligently to extricate him from the confined space of the washing machine drum without causing further harm.

Following the rescue, the boy was taken to the hospital for a thorough medical evaluation. The Ministry of Emergency Situations in Tatarstan later released a statement confirming that, fortunately, the boy did not sustain any severe injuries.

"All his limbs are in place; there may be some minor scratches or bruises," the department reported.

The incident serves as a cautionary tale for parents and caregivers, highlighting the importance of childproofing home appliances and educating children about the dangers associated with them.

Watch the 5-year-old getting saved from the washing machine in the video below.