Breaking: Clashes in Russia by pro-Ukraine paramilitary group

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.28 - 2023 5:56 PM CET

Photo: Presidents Office Russia
Photo: Presidents Office Russia
Clashes in Russia by pro-Ukraine paramilitary group

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A paramilitary group, known as the "Russian Freedom Legion," has crossed the Russian border and is currently engaged in combat in the Belgorod region of western Russia.

The group consists of ethnic Russians who are fighting in solidarity with Ukraine against the oppression of Putin's regime.

According to a message posted on Telegram, the group has successfully entered the Russian region and is carrying out offensive operations. They stated that no soldiers have been killed or injured and that everything is going according to plan.

In a separate post, the group vowed to continue their efforts to "liberate Russia from Putin's filth." They promised to provide more details as the fighting continues.

This is not the first time the group has crossed the Russian border. In May, the Russian Freedom Legion, along with another guerrilla group, attacked the Belgorod region. They were armed with several military and armored vehicles and managed to capture a border post and several villages before the Russian army could respond.

A Russian citizen who participated in the raid spoke to Novaya Gazeta, stating that the group is learning and growing stronger.

He indicated that they have a clear goal for their next raid on Russian soil: to capture the regional capital of Belgorod. The soldier also mentioned that they are receiving more inquiries as they are well-trained, well-prepared, and heavily armed.

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