Britain Steps Up as Global Defender Against Election Interference

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.19 - 2024 2:56 PM CET

British government initiates expansion of intelligence sharing on election meddling.

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The UK government is enhancing its role in global election security by increasing intelligence sharing not just with the Group of Seven (G7) nations but also with other international allies, according to reports from Bloomberg.

This move is particularly significant this year as around 2 billion people in more than 50 countries are preparing to cast their ballots, including in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Defense Against Election Interference

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is advocating for intensified information exchange among the intelligence services of the G7 nations and other European allies to counteract attempts by hostile nations to spread disinformation and disrupt elections.

This expansion in intelligence cooperation is particularly aimed at assisting countries outside the G7, such as those in the Balkans, which are at risk of interference, especially from Russia.

Concerns in the US and the UK are focused on the potential for Russia or other adversaries to undertake hostile actions globally, particularly during the likely transitions of power in Washington and London. China is also a significant focus of attention, as reported by Bloomberg.

A Microsoft study reveals that Russia is attempting to weaken US support for Ukraine ahead of the elections, while Chinese influence campaigns are designed to sow division among Americans and erode their confidence in democratic processes.

Ukrinform also reports that, according to Microsoft Corporation, Russian hacker groups have intensified their activities in the last 45 days, targeting the upcoming presidential elections in the United States.

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