Businessman-turned-politician Nechaev to face Putin in 2024

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.07 - 2023 12:14 PM CET


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Russian businessman Alexei Nechaev is set to emerge as President Vladimir Putin’s “liberal” contender in the upcoming 2024 presidential election in Russia, according to a report from the independent news outlet Mozhem Obyasnit.

The report, citing anonymous sources within Nechaev's New People party, indicates that Nechaev's candidacy is part of a broader strategy to attract liberal voters to the polls.

Nechaev, who is known for owning one of Russia’s leading cosmetics companies, Faberlic, ventured into the political arena with the founding of the New People party ahead of the 2021 State Duma elections. His party managed to secure 15 seats in the 450-seat lower house of parliament, marking a significant entry into the political landscape.

The role Nechaev is expected to play in the 2024 presidential race seems to be in line with his party's past electoral strategies, aiming to draw in liberal voters. New People is reportedly gearing up for Nechaev’s campaign and may officially announce his candidacy at its December convention.

It's worth noting that Nechaev is also a member of the All Russia People’s Front (ONF), a political coalition created by Putin in 2011. Despite his positioning as a liberal candidate, Nechaev has made several pro-Putin statements and has expressed support for Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

As for President Putin, he is anticipated to declare his intention to seek re-election in the near future. However, he has indicated that he will wait until after Russia's parliament officially initiates the presidential campaign in mid-December.

Previously, the Kremlin has stated that Putin would face “no competition” if he ran in 2024, highlighting the controlled nature of political contests in Russia.

This development raises questions about the genuine competitiveness of the upcoming election and the extent to which Nechaev, despite his liberal stance, represents a meaningful alternative to the incumbent president.

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