By day, she leads at the police department; by night, she competes in a bikini

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.06 - 2023 11:22 AM CET

Photo: Poznan Police
Photo: Poznan Police
By day, she leads at the police department; by night, she competes in a bikini.

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A female police officer has turned heads with a photo in a revealing bikini, drawing priceless reactions from her colleagues. Sergeant Olga Witkowska, usually clad in a uniform, hides a remarkably fit body underneath.

Beyond her police duties in Poznan, she is a successful bodybuilder. Her achievements have earned her colleagues' admiration and congratulations on the police's Facebook page.

Sergeant Witkowska recently triumphed at the International Festival of Bodybuilding Sports, claiming first place in her age category, a notable feat for a debutant.

Her presence on the force is intimidating to criminals, who would likely prefer to avoid a confrontation with such a fit officer.

Photo: Private

By day, Sergeant Witkowska serves in a leadership role at the Poznan unit, and by night, she transforms into a competitive bodybuilder.

Her recent victories include top placements in both the Masters and True Novice categories, impressing even seasoned athletes.

Photo: Private

Her dedication to training and a strict diet showcases her discipline, which has led to her success and motivates her to continue competing next year.

Her colleague, Sergeant Łukasz Paterski, expresses immense pride in her accomplishments and dedication.

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