Caleb's milkshake order takes a disgusting turn: Delivery driver instantly fired

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.01 - 2023 3:57 PM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Caleb's milkshake order takes a disgusting turn.

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Caleb Wood, a resident of Utah, was in for a nasty surprise when he ordered a meal from Chick-fil-A via the Grubhub app.

Expecting to enjoy his fries and milkshake, Wood took a sip and was horrified to find that the cup didn't contain the ordered milkshake but contained urine instead.

This is reported by Fox59.

The unfortunate mix-Up

Upon realizing the mix-up, Wood immediately contacted the Grubhub driver to inform him of the mistake.

The driver returned to clarify the situation, admitting that he often urinates in styrofoam cups while working long hours.

In a regrettable error, he had accidentally handed over the wrong cup to Wood.

Grubhub's response

Initially, Grubhub refunded $18 of Wood's $25 order. However, they later terminated the driver's contract and issued a statement to address the incident.

The company said, "We took immediate action with the driver and ended his contract with us. We're following up with the customer to apologize and are coaching the representative who was previously in touch with the customer."

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