Caught on Camera: California's Beachgoers Flee From Massive Wave

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.29 - 2023 2:42 PM CET

Photo: X
Photo: X
California's Beachgoers Flee From Massive Wave.

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A huge wave hit beachgoers at Ventura Beach in California, as high waves continued to batter the coast. The swell struck a sea wall at the end of Seaward Avenue, as captured in a video posted by the Ventura County Fire Department on X. (Video can be watch at the bottom of the article)

The enormous wave breached the top of the sea wall, causing onlookers to attempt to flee. Some were swept backward toward the sea wall as the wave pulled in, and the force was so strong that a car parked near the wall was pushed away from the shoreline.

Eight people treated

Eight people were treated in hospital for injuries sustained by the exceptionally high waves along the California coast on Thursday. It is unclear if the people in the video are among those who required treatment.

In a separate post, the VCFD stated,

"Multiple rescues have been made. Numerous areas have been flooded and resulted in injuries."

The beaches in Ventura County are currently closed due to the high surf advisory.