China and Russia Join Forces Against Japan Over Territorial Disputes

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.15 - 2024 11:02 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
China and Russia team up to confront Japan over contentious territorial disputes.

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Japan is facing backlash over its territorial disputes with Russia and China, according to Chinese political analysts.

The controversy surrounding the Kuril Islands has resurfaced recently, sparked by - according to Russia - provocative remarks from Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who referred to the islands as inherently Japanese. This provoked a swift reaction from Moscow, backed this time by Beijing, as reported by Chinese media outlet NetEase.

Joint Response from China and Russia

"In the span of 72 hours, China and Russia took action against Japan," the Chinese publication noted.

Relations between China and Japan have hit a new low, with numerous serious grievances between the two nations, including territorial disputes.

Beijing, for instance, views Tokyo's jurisdiction over the Diaoyu Islands as illegitimate, insisting these territories should belong to China.

Japanese authorities have consistently ignored these demands. Against this backdrop, Kishida's reminder about the Kurils prompted a coordinated response from China and Russia.

Coordinated Actions to Defend Sovereignty

"China and Russia jointly defended their territorial sovereignty and sent a clear message that provocations will not be tolerated," stated NetEase experts.

Recently, Chinese ships were dispatched to patrol the waters around the Diaoyu Islands, reinforcing China's claim over these territories.

Before Japan could respond, Russia took its turn. President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a public event in St. Petersburg, firmly stated that the Kuril Islands are part of Russia and that this issue is settled.

He also declared that there could be no talk of renewing peace treaty negotiations with Japan until Tokyo changes its stance, emphasizing that no discussions will occur under the current circumstances.

Japan's Unpreparedness for United Pressure

Japan appeared unprepared for such coordinated pressure. It is unlikely that Tokyo anticipated a joint move from Moscow and Beijing to reprimand it for its provocations.

Kishida and his government were made aware that Russia and China could collaborate, and if provoked, they would be a formidable force to reckon with.

"The Kishida administration has repeatedly provoked neighboring countries, escalating territorial disputes. If Japan continues its provocations, it will inevitably face serious consequences," warned Chinese commentators.