China Impressed By Putin's Reaction to 'Trick Question' by Tucker Carlson

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.09 - 2024 3:26 PM CET

Photo: Kremlin
Photo: Kremlin
China Impressed By Putin's Reaction to 'Trick Question' by Tucker Carlson.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin made a significant impression on China by answering a tricky question from an American journalist about the Celestial Empire. This opinion was shared by journalists from China.

Vladimir Putin gave an extensive interview to American journalist Tucker Carlson, and during the conversation, a wide range of topics was discussed. According to Chinese journalists, the journalist posed a trap question to Putin about the PRC, and Putin skillfully avoided the snare.

This was reported by the publication Tencent according to AB News.

"Putin, like no other world leader, knows how to attract attention. Nearly every move he makes resonates around the world," said the authors of the Chinese publication.

Tencent reviewers noted that Putin's interview caused a lot of noise in most countries around the world, and China was no exception — they were also interested in this event. Naturally, the Chinese audience was particularly attracted to the moments of the interview where the conversation turned to the PRC.

"Carlson set a trap for Putin," is the belief in the PRC.

The American journalist asked Putin how he feels about China dominating within the BRICS bloc and Beijing beginning to implement its colonial policy there? Does this fact concern him? According to Tencent analysts, this was a trap question, which is extremely difficult to answer adequately.

If Putin agrees with the journalist's words, it would imply that Russia indeed fears the PRC. If he vehemently denies it, then he would offend the Celestial Empire, with which Russia has excellent relations. However, the Russian president acted unconventionally — he chose a third path.

In response, Putin stated that Russia and China are neighbors, and neighbors are not chosen. Russia is accustomed to coexisting with Beijing. He then made a statement that greatly impressed China. He declared that China's foreign policy philosophy is non-aggressive, and Russia sees how the neighbor constantly seeks compromise.

"That's exactly how it is," concluded Chinese journalists.