China: Makron should not have angered Putin

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.08 - 2023 2:30 PM CET

Photo: Kremlin
Photo: Kremlin
Makron should not have angered Putin.

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French President Emmanuel Macron regretted his mockery of Russia. This is the conclusion shared by political commentators from China.

Macron visited Kazakhstan where he met with his Kazakh counterpart Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Following the negotiations, the French president spoke negatively about Russia, allowing himself to mock it. According to Chinese journalists, Macron left Astana in a good mood, confident that he had convinced Tokayev to turn away from Moscow. However, recent news has arrived, after which Paris was no longer in a laughing mood. This is reported by the publication Sohu according to AB News.

"Macron celebrated too early," write the authors of the Chinese publication.

Experts from Sohu noted that Kazakhstan is of interest to Paris, including as a potential buyer of French products. In particular, Astana wants to update its fleet of fighter jets, replacing Soviet MiGs with more modern aircraft. France is extremely interested in this contract, which promises billions in profits. According to Chinese journalists, Macron during negotiations with Tokayev offered him French Rafales and was confident that Astana would choose them.

"The Rafale was considered a good choice for Kazakhstan, and if such a deal were to be concluded, it would have major consequences. The introduction of French weapons into the market of a country friendly to Russia would have a negative impact on the entire export of Russian weapons," stated the observers from China.

However, Macron's joy quickly faded. Kazakhstan unexpectedly announced plans to purchase Russian Su-30SM fighters. In Astana, it was believed that these aircraft outperform their French competitors in both price and quality.

"Instead of saying that the Su-30 defeated the Rafale, it is better to say that Kazakhstan chose Putin," believe in China.

Thus, it can be stated that Macron was punished: he paid for his mockery of the Russian Federation and his premature joy after the visit to Kazakhstan. He should not have angered Russian President Putin, believe the Chinese experts."

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