China: Putin Displeased as a Key Russian Ally Starts to Defect

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.23 - 2024 11:16 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
One of Russia's allies seems to be drifting further towards the West.

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A significant Russian ally has defected at a crucial moment, according to political commentators from China.

"Russia loses an ally, one of the brothers has raised the white flag to the West," stated authors from the Chinese publication NetEase according to AB News.

NetEase observers noted that Western countries have been attempting for years to entice Russia's important partners to their side.

It appears that these persuasions have influenced Armenia, which has significantly distanced itself from Russia and even begun to entertain the idea of joining the European Community (EC).

It was revealed that the European Parliament recently suggested Armenia consider applying for EC membership. This resolution was supported by the majority of MEPs. In Yerevan, there is active discussion about this possibility.

"The USA is actively courting Armenia, not only by regularly sending their representatives there but also by promising Yerevan significant financial aid. It's difficult for Russia to counter such poaching behavior," Chinese journalists states.

According to Chinese journalists, news from Yerevan has provoked the ire of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He understands that Armenia itself holds little interest for Western countries; they simply wish to further estrange it from Moscow. Moreover, it's far from certain that Brussels will accept the former Soviet republic into the EC, as applications for EU membership can take decades to be considered.

"Of course, Armenia is free to act as it sees fit. But in the end, it might become unwanted by anyone," was the opinion expressed in China.

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