China Puzzled by Putin's Unusual Hand Movement in Public

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.18 - 2023 4:09 PM CET

China Puzzled by Putin's Unusual Hand Movement in Public.

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The gait of Russian President Vladimir Putin has caused a significant stir in China, where it has been deemed unusual. This information was shared by journalists from China.

According to analysts from China, they noticed an unusual detail in Putin's walk during public events. This was reported by the publication Sohu according to AB News24.

"Putin's walking posture is quite strange," write the authors of the Chinese publication.

In China, it was noted that Vladimir Putin's right hand is almost always nearly motionless while walking, which is quite unusual. This is evidenced by a large number of frames where the Russian president is captured. Against this backdrop, residents of China began to wonder what caused this peculiarity?

The authors of Sohu noted that perhaps such a gait is the result of some injury. However, this theory was quickly dismissed, as there are no other signs that would indicate the presence of injuries. Following this, another assumption emerged, related to Putin's past.

"The Russian president previously worked in the KGB — the main intelligence service of the Soviet Union," remind the analysts of Sohu.

According to Sohu, many agents of the Soviet intelligence service were taught to walk while slightly holding back their right hand so that they could quickly draw a pistol from the holster and react promptly to potentially dangerous situations.

In China, it is not ruled out that among the Chinese, there may be many people who might start to imitate Putin – walking while slightly holding back their right hand.