China Rejects Espionage Allegations After Arrest of Three Suspects

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.23 - 2024 10:09 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Following the arrest of three suspects accused of spying for China, the Chinese embassy in Berlin has dismissed the allegations as groundless.

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As reported by Tagesschau, the suspects—two men and a woman—allegedly passed sensitive information related to military technology to the Chinese secret service.

The Chinese embassy, through the state-run news agency Xinhua, urged Germany to stop using espionage charges to "politically manipulate the image of China and defame China."

Germany's Vulnerability to Espionage

Experts, including CDU security specialist Roderich Kiesewetter, believe Germany is inadequately prepared to combat espionage, suggesting that the recent arrests could be just the beginning.

Kiesewetter noted that the country is vulnerable to hybrid attacks from intelligence services like China's, stating, "China has a rather easy game in Germany."

He pointed to a lack of awareness about the risks of Chinese collaboration, particularly in science and business, as a contributing factor.

Focus on Military Technologies

According to the German Federal Prosecutor's Office, the arrested suspects were engaged in negotiations for research projects that could benefit China's military capabilities, particularly in maritime combat power.

Germany suspects that some sensitive information, including details about a high-performance engine suitable for combat ships, may have already been passed on to China.

The two men were taken into custody on Monday, while the woman is expected to appear before the investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice.

Experts believe these arrests may indicate a broader issue of espionage activities in Germany.

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