China Seeks Return of Land 'Taken' by Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.30 - 2024 1:24 PM CET

China Seeks Return of Land 'Taken' by Russia.

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China has expressed interest in reclaiming lands that were once part of the Chinese Empire, as reported by Chinese journalists.

China, one of the largest countries in the world by land area, was even larger during the era of the Chinese Empire. However, it lost significant territories over time due to various historical events, including parts of its land to Russia.

Baijiahao, a Chinese publication, discusses according to AB News whether Russia will return these territories to China. In the 19th century, the Russian and Chinese Empires actively negotiated land divisions, resulting in China losing some territories to Russia. Notably, the signing of the Aigun Treaty in 1858 led to China's loss of about one million square kilometers.

Two years later, the Treaty of Tianjin further resulted in territorial losses for China. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia and China revisited these territorial issues, leading to the return of some areas to Beijing that were lost during the Russian Empire's time.

Baijiahao observers have noted that ideas of reclaiming lost territories have been gaining popularity among certain groups in China, raising questions about whether Moscow will make concessions to Beijing. The article also references Japan's long-standing demand for Russia to return the Kuril Islands.

The dispute over the Kuril Islands, which Tokyo has spent decades unsuccessfully resolving with Moscow, is used as a point of comparison. Analysts from Baijiahao admit that the chances of Russian President Vladimir Putin making concessions to Beijing are virtually non-existent. They believe the situation will mirror that of the Kurils, where China could spend significant time and effort without achieving results.

"Russia is determined not to concede to Japan, and China's likelihood of reaching an agreement with Russia is also slim," Chinese journalists conclude.

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