China Surprised By Putin's Behaviour

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.16 - 2023 8:46 PM CET

China Surprised By Putin's Behaviour.

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The behavior of Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2023 has come as a surprise to China, according to political commentators from the PRC.

Two days ago, a significant press conference and a direct line with Vladimir Putin took place. This lengthy event allowed the Russian President not only to summarize the year but also to answer numerous questions from Russians. Chinese journalists noted that Putin's public demeanor at the press conference was surprising for China, as reported by the publication Sohu. according to AB News24.

"Putin has somehow changed," write the authors of the Chinese publication.

Sohu experts observed that Putin was more confident than ever at the press conference. He was relaxed, constantly joking, and actively engaging with the audience. This was somewhat unusual, as in recent months he had behaved differently, being more stern and serious.

The changes in Putin's behavior are evident not only from the recent press conference. A few days earlier, he made a visit to the Middle East, where he visited two countries in less than 24 hours. Upon returning to Moscow, he met with several world leaders.

"These trips have attracted the attention of the entire world. It seems he is returning to the international arena and wishes to do so with great confidence in his own strength," stated analysts from the PRC.

In China, it was noted that Putin had rarely ventured on foreign trips in the last couple of years, but towards the end of 2023, everything changed. In December, he demonstrated a high level of activity.

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