China Urges International Efforts to Cease Gaza Conflict

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.21 - 2024 10:57 AM CET

Lin Jian China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson - Photo: Chinese Government
Lin Jian China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson - Photo: Chinese Government
China is applying international pressure to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza.

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In a recent diplomatic move, China has called upon the international community to join forces in halting the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

During a press conference, Lin Jian, the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, outlined China’s proactive steps toward mediating peace amidst the volatile situation between Palestine and Israel.

Since the outbreak on October 7, the conflict has drawn widespread concern for the escalating humanitarian crisis. China, taking an active role in mediation, has engaged in high-level discussions across Egypt, Palestine, Israel, and Qatar. These efforts, as detailed by Lin Jian, aim at an immediate de-escalation in Gaza, ensuring the effective protection of civilians caught in the crossfire.

China’s diplomatic outreach was well received, with affected parties and regional actors appreciating its fair stance and constructive approach toward achieving a ceasefire. This initiative aligns with China's broader strategy to foster peace and stability in the region, emphasizing the urgency of a comprehensive ceasefire and advocating for dialogue and reconciliation among Palestinian factions.

Ambassador Wang Kejian’s recent visits to key Middle Eastern countries signify China’s commitment to a diplomatic resolution.

"China has maintained close communication and built consensus with Arab nations and the international community, urging for immediate actions to prevent further escalation," Lin stated.

Moreover, China has not only facilitated dialogue but also provided multiple batches of emergency humanitarian assistance to Gaza, demonstrating its dedication to alleviating the humanitarian plight. The Chinese government has called for Palestine's full membership in the United Nations and advocates for an international peace conference to establish a clear timeline and roadmap toward a two-state solution.

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