Chinese Suspect Arrested in Cambodia for Supplying Drugs in South Korean Teen Scam

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.24 - 2024 11:36 AM CET

Photo: National Intelligence Service
Photo: National Intelligence Service
A Chinese man suspected of orchestrating a drug scam that targeted teenagers has been apprehended in Cambodia.

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A Chinese national suspected of being a key player in a high-profile drug scam targeting teenagers has been arrested in Cambodia, according to South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS).

The 38-year-old suspect was apprehended in Phnom Penh on Tuesday and is believed to have supplied the methamphetamine used in a scam that deceived young students into consuming drug-laced drinks.

Drug Scam Targeting Teenagers

According to Yonhap, the case gained attention last year when drug-spiked drinks were distributed to teenage students in Seoul's southern Gangnam Ward. The drinks were falsely marketed as beverages that could enhance memory and concentration, tricking students into consuming them.

The scam escalated when the parents of several students who had consumed the drinks were blackmailed, with threats to report their children to the police for drug-related charges unless the parents paid the scammers.

Investigation and Arrest in Cambodia

The NIS has been investigating the case in cooperation with Cambodian police.

Following the arrest of the suspect in Cambodia, authorities discovered approximately 700 grams of methamphetamine at his hideout, enough for about 23,000 doses. The NIS reported that the suspect had planned to distribute some of these drugs to China and South Korea.

The suspect's arrest represents a breakthrough in the investigation, and he is expected to face charges in a Cambodian court.

In a related development, a Seoul court in October sentenced four men connected to the drug scam to heavy prison terms, with sentences ranging from seven to 15 years.

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