Chris Evans announces cancer diagnosis on his radio program

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.21 - 2023 9:58 AM CET

Foto: wikipedia Commons
Foto: wikipedia Commons
Chris Evans announces cancer diagnosis on his radio program.

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Popular radio host Chris Evans has publicly disclosed his recent diagnosis of skin cancer. During a segment on his Virgin Radio show, Evans shared that the cancer was detected in its early stages and has been assured by medical professionals that it is treatable.

Evans elaborated on the diagnosis, stating, "We need to address this matter. It's a melanoma. There's a term called 'malignant melanoma' - once you're diagnosed with something, you tend to learn all about it - but that term is redundant because if it's a melanoma, it's already malignant. Thankfully, since it was detected so early, it should be entirely treatable."

The radio presenter also mentioned that he is scheduled to undergo treatment on 14 September. An enthusiastic runner, Evans humorously remarked that he has been advised not to engage in any physical exercise for a month post-treatment. He quipped that he plans to run as much as possible until his treatment date.

This isn't the first time Evans has expressed concerns about skin cancer. Back in 2019, during a particularly hot summer with high UV levels, he consulted a doctor about potential skin cancer risks. At that time, he was reassured that there was "nothing to worry about" but was advised to undergo annual check-ups for the condition.

Chris Evans, a prominent figure in the radio industry, transitioned to Virgin Radio in 2018 after leaving the esteemed BBC Radio 2 breakfast show. Over the years, he has been a significant presence on BBC, hosting shows like The One Show and a brief tenure on Top Gear. Prior to that, he was known for hosting popular Channel 4 programs, TFI Friday and The Big Breakfast.

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