City bus hits cyclist in the middle of the road. Who's to blame?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.06 - 2023 11:04 AM CET

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Who's to blame?

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An incident where a cyclist was hit by a bus, becoming the subject of widespread memes, has stirred controversy. The bus driver is criticized for improper conduct for crossing the median line and hitting the cyclist without any clear harmful intent.

The accident raised questions about road-sharing etiquette and legal responsibilities.

The scene, captured in a short video, shows a cyclist riding perilously close to the median line on a narrow road. As a Polish city bus overtakes, it clips the cyclist.

The bus driver is deemed responsible, as overtaking was unsafe due to the proximity to the median line.

The debate extends beyond the collision. Defenders of the cyclist point to the poor road conditions as a factor in the cyclist's road positioning.

However, critics argue that regardless of road conditions, cyclists must adhere to the rules, which include staying on the right side of the lane.

The case reflects a broader discussion on road safety and the rights of different road users. While the bus driver's error was clear, it sparked a dialogue on the need for awareness and caution among all who share the road.

It underscores that even when others violate rules, it doesn't justify causing an accident, emphasizing the importance of following traffic laws to ensure everyone's safety.

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