CNN reporter shares harrowing footage of panic at Tel Aviv Airport

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.08 - 2023 1:29 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
CNN reporter shares harrowing footage of panic at Tel Aviv Airport.

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In an unsettling turn of events, Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv has become a scene of chaos and panic. As Hamas launched its "Al-Aqsa Flood" operation, thousands of rockets rained down on southern and central Israel, leading to a mass exodus of people attempting to flee the country.

CNN's Nic Robertson, who was on the ground, captured the harrowing moments in a video.

"We literally just got off the plane at Ben Gurion Airport. The sirens are wailing, passengers are taking cover," he reported. The video shows terrified passengers lying on the tarmac, with women crying and seeking comfort in the arms of their loved ones.

The Israeli military has started mobilizing its reservists in response to the attacks, which have broken through from the Gaza Strip. Clashes are reportedly occurring in at least 22 different locations, resulting in hundreds of casualties on both sides.

In a bid to ensure passenger safety, airlines have started rerouting or canceling flights, leading to the closure of airports in the central and southern regions of Israel, as reported by "Yedioth Ahronoth."

The situation remains tense, with concerns escalating over what might unfold in the coming hours.

The video shared by Robertson has added to the growing sense of urgency and fear, as it vividly captures the immediate impact of the crisis on ordinary people.

Watch the footage via the link below