Couple Wins 1 Million Pounds In Scratch Card, Woman Leaves With All The Money

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.23 - 2024 9:28 AM CET

Couple Wins 1 Million Pounds In Scratch Card, Woman Leaves With All The Money.

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Everything had started off so well between them. Charlotte, 37, and Michael, 39, had been dating for three months. They were living a romance like those written in Spalding, England.

One Friday evening, the lovebirds decided to visit the local Lidl to prepare a romantic dinner. That's when Michael had a whim: "Let's buy some scratch cards."

A detail that would later become significant: Charlotte then told her lover she didn't have the money. He decided to make an instant transfer but didn't have the necessary phone network. Charlotte ended up paying...

One name, one winner

Back at home, when it was time to scratch the two games bought for 10 pounds, Charlotte couldn't believe her eyes: she held a winning ticket worth 1 million pounds. It was like a dream.

But the fairy tale only lasted three weeks. After four months of relationship, Charlotte decided to leave Michael. He didn't forget the scratch card when packing his bags.

However, Camelot, the company managing the game, was clear: Charlotte's name was on the card, so she was the one to inherit the jackpot. Michael, on the other hand, would have done better to cover his bases and draft a contract. Because he wouldn't receive a penny.

"I'm in shock," he told The Sun.

"I can admit that we wouldn't have gotten this ticket without Charlotte, but she wouldn't have gotten it without me either. I know it was paid for with her bank account, but morally, it should be 50-50." Michael is considering legal action. But it seems the game is already over.