Cynical Statement from Putin: Russians and Ukrainians Are One People

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.14 - 2023 11:12 AM CET

Foto: TV
Foto: TV
Russians and Ukrainians are one people according to Putin.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently addressing the Russian population in a comprehensive press conference, closely monitored by via a TV link.

The event, which began in Moscow, features a speech to the nation followed by a live Q&A session with the Russian President.

The Genesis of the Ukraine Conflict

Putin stated that the conflict in Ukraine originated with a coup in 2014. He remarked, “Before this, we tried for decades to maintain good relations with Ukraine,” highlighting a long history of diplomatic efforts.

Putin referred to Odessa as a Russian city and emphasized the shared identity of Russians and Ukrainians, likening the current situation to a civil war. This statement underscores the deep cultural and historical ties Putin perceives between the two nations. 

Putin even said that Russians and Ukrainians are one people.

The Role of the United States and the West

Putin pointed out the involvement of the United States in the Ukrainian coup and criticized the West's efforts to expand NATO's borders closer to Russia. He expressed skepticism about the Minsk agreements, stating, “The Minsk agreements were signed for fun and had no intention of being implemented.”

Putin expressed Russia's readiness to maintain relations with the United States, while also criticizing the US imperial policy as a hindrance to these relations.

The 'Special Operation' in Ukraine

Putin provided an update on the 'special operation' in Ukraine, asserting that it would conclude soon. He mentioned that Russian forces are improving their positions in the combat zone, indicating ongoing military activities.

Comparing Ukraine with the Gaza Strip

Putin drew a comparison between the situation in the Gaza Strip and the Northern Military District, stating,

“Look at what is happening in Gaza. There is nothing like this in Ukraine,” thereby contrasting the intensity of conflicts in different regions. is following the press conference and providing continuous updates.

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