Death Toll Rises to 17 After Building Collapse in Belgorod

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.14 - 2024 1:38 PM CET

Photo: TACC on YouTube
Photo: TACC on YouTube
The high-rise collapse in Belgorod, Russia, has claimed 17 lives.

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The collapse of a high-rise building in Belgorod, Russia, has now claimed 17 lives, according to the latest reports from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

On May 12, the building was reportedly struck by fragments of a Soviet-era missile launched by Ukraine but intercepted by Russia.

Russian officials have described a massive missile attack involving Tochka ballistic missiles and Adler and RM-70 Vampire multiple launch rocket systems on the Belgorod region.

Following the attack, a section of a ten-story building on Shchorsa Street collapsed, leading to an extensive rescue and recovery operation.

Rescue teams discovered the body of the 17th victim under the rubble today, following the recovery of the 16th victim on May 14. Before these findings, officials had reported 15 deaths and 17 rescued individuals from the disaster site.

The situation was further complicated when a fragment of the roof fell onto the rubble, injuring three people, including rescuers and volunteers at the site.

In total, 20 people were reported injured, with six critically injured individuals transported to Moscow for medical treatment.

The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal investigation into the incident, treating it as a terrorist attack.

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