Defense Minister Declares: Without Western Help, Russia Would Already Be in Uzhhorod

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.10 - 2024 10:04 AM CET

'Without Western Help, Russia Would Already Be in Uzhhorod'

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Czech Defense Minister Jan Jireš recently made a firm statement in the Czech parliament, countering claims that Western military assistance is hindering a peaceful resolution to Russia's war in Ukraine. This statement was reported by Czech media, České noviny.

Minister Jireš emphasized that the resolution of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine lies solely with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

He highlighted that military aid provided to Ukraine is crucial for protecting its independence and preventing further Russian aggression.

The Russian army would be in Kyiv, or even Uzhhorod today

Jireš pointed out the significant impact of the support provided by Czechia, Poland, other European countries, and international allies.

"Undoubtedly, had we not supported Ukraine militarily from the beginning, the Russian army would be in Kyiv, or even Uzhhorod today," he stated, illustrating the potential consequences of a lack of support.

The defense minister's assertive defense came in response to a petition from the anti-government group Czechia Against Poverty. The group called for an end to the rhetoric that "Czechia is at war" and urged a halt to Czech arms supplies to Ukraine.

Jindřich Reichl, the leader of the non-parliamentary Right of Respect and Dignity (PRO) party and a representative of the group, advocated for a diplomatic resolution to Russia's war on Ukraine. He disputed the notion that Czechia is fighting for Ukraine, labeling such claims as lies and manipulation.

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