Defense Minister warns: 'War in Europe is Possible'

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.30 - 2023 9:41 AM CET


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German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has issued a stark warning to residents of Germany, urging them to come to terms with the possibility of war in Europe. He stated this on the air of the ZDF TV channel.

This alarming statement highlights the escalating tensions on the continent, particularly in light of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as unrest in the Middle East.

Pistorius emphasizes the need for Germany to be ready to defend itself, calling for both the Bundeswehr (the German armed forces) and the wider society to be prepared for war.

This bold call to action is a reflection of the growing unease in Europe as geopolitical conflicts continue to unfold.

A Response to Growing Threats

The German Defense Minister cites the Russian war against Ukraine and the conflict in the Middle East as key drivers behind the increased threat level, suggesting that these events will have inevitable repercussions for German society.

He stresses that Germany must be vigilant and proactive in its defense preparations to mitigate these threats.

Pistorius also addresses criticisms that the federal government has been too slow to respond to these challenges, highlighting the creation of a special fund for the Bundeswehr totaling 100 billion euros and changes to military structures.

He acknowledges that the Bundeswehr has suffered from neglect over the past 30 years but assures that by the end of this decade, Germany will occupy a significantly stronger position.

This announcement from the German Defense Minister marks a significant moment in European security, underscoring the gravity of the current situation and the urgent need for preparedness.

As Europe faces an uncertain future, the words of Pistorius serve as a sobering reminder of the challenges ahead and the vital importance of a strong and resilient defense.