Democratic Presidential Challenger Calls Biden Weak

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.21 - 2024 8:01 AM CET

Dean Phillips, a fellow Democrat with Joe Biden, has labeled the incumbent president as "weak" and "unelectable."

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Despite belonging to the same Democratic Party, U.S. President Joe Biden faced harsh criticism on Saturday from Dean Phillips, a member of the House of Representatives for Minnesota.

Dean Phillips, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidential election in November, described Biden as "weak" and "unelectable."

This will become evident to the world during the primary election in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Phillips stated, adding that securing around 20 percent of the votes would be a significant achievement for him.

"Unfortunately, it will demonstrate that our sitting president is weak and unelectable, and I believe it will show this country that it has a candidate who can actually do what has been promised over several generations," said Phillips at a voter meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Speaking to his supporters at a nursing home in Nashua, Phillips also noted that Joe Biden is 81 years old.

"If you listen to the voters, you can hear that people think he's at a stage in life that's not compatible with being the leader of the free world."

"The same goes for Donald Trump (77 years old)," added Phillips, whose 55th birthday coincidentally falls on the same day as the voter meeting.

Since the current system of primary elections before the presidential election was introduced in 1972, an incumbent president has never lost a primary election.

Apart from Dean Phillips, author Marianne Williamson has also challenged Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination. Both are considered to have very slim chances of defeating Joe Biden.

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