Denmark Backs Ukraine with Unprecedented Military Purchase

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.18 - 2024 3:21 PM CET

Photo: Paparazzza /
Photo: Paparazzza /
Denmark buys weapons from Ukrainian manufacturers for the Armed Forces.

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Denmark has committed 200 million Danish kroner ($28.5 million) to purchase weapons and military equipment directly from Ukrainian manufacturers.

This decision by Denmark not only supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) but also bolsters Ukraine's domestic defense industry, which has seen rapid growth yet faces funding shortfalls.

Boosting Ukraine's Defense Industry

Oleksandr Kamyshin, head of the Ministry of Strategy and Industry in Ukraine, detailed the current capacity of the Ukrainian defense industry, which is capable of handling orders up to $20 billion.

The Ukrainian government's budget allocates only $6 billion for such purchases, leaving a substantial portion of potential manufacturing capacity unused.

"We only have a third of all machine tools working, which are available in the country—because there is not enough money to provide the rest with orders," Kamyshin explained.

Denmark's funding is part of a broader package of military support to Ukraine that totals nearly 300 million euros.

This package includes not only direct weapons purchases but also funding for ammunition, drones, and missile component production. By purchasing directly from Ukrainian manufacturers, Denmark is helping to activate Ukraine's underutilized production capabilities, providing an economic boost while reinforcing military readiness.

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