Denmark Promises $250 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.22 - 2024 4:41 PM CET

Photo: Alexandros Michailidis /
Photo: Alexandros Michailidis /
Denmark has committed to providing Ukraine with $250 million in military aid to support its defense against Russian aggression.

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Denmark has committed to giving Ukraine nearly $250 million in military support.

The Danish government revealed this aid package, worth 1.7 billion kroner ($247.4 million), at a press conference earlier today, and hopes other nations will quickly follow suit in providing assistance.

With this latest contribution, Denmark's total military support for Ukraine will reach 33.3 billion kroner ($4.8 billion).

She stated, "It must be emphasized that if it (Ukraine) is to succeed on the battlefield, more volumes must come now. It is in this context that we continue to provide further Danish contributions in the hope that more countries will do the same, not in 6 or 12 months, and now, when the need is very, very great."

The funding for this new package comes from the 7 billion kroner that Denmark had previously allocated to a fund designed to support Ukraine through civilian, military, and business contributions established last March.

Moreover, Frederiksen announced Denmark's commitment to providing security support to Ukraine over the next ten years under a bilateral agreement.

Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen also mentioned that Denmark is working "at full capacity" to ensure the first F-16 aircraft are delivered to Ukraine by this summer.

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