Despite Rare Apology from Putin, Russia Faces Serious Egg Crisis

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.30 - 2023 9:05 PM CET

Foto: Screenshot
Foto: Screenshot
Russia is currently grappling with a significant egg crisis, despite a rare apology from President Vladimir Putin. The crisis has led to soaring prices and shortages, causing concern among the Russian population.

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The situation has become so dire that President Putin felt compelled to issue a public apology, an unusual move for the Russian leader. He acknowledged the difficulties people are facing due to the egg shortage and the resulting price hikes.

The crisis stems from a combination of factors, including economic sanctions imposed by Western countries following Russia's invasion of Ukraine and disruptions in the supply chain. These factors have led to a decrease in egg production and an increase in prices.

The shortage has had a noticeable impact on everyday life in Russia, with eggs being a staple in many households.

Price Up By 40 Percent

The rising costs have put additional financial strain on families already dealing with economic challenges. According to Newsweek the price on one egg has gone up 40 percent.

The Russian government has taken steps to address the crisis, including implementing price controls and seeking alternative sources of egg production.

However, these measures have yet to alleviate the situation significantly.

President Putin's apology highlights the severity of the crisis and the government's efforts to manage the situation. The egg shortage is one of several economic challenges Russia faces, underscoring the broader impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and international sanctions.