Devastating Russian Strike on Chernihiv Claims Lives

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.17 - 2024 10:48 AM CET

Photo: The State Emergency Service on Telegram
Photo: The State Emergency Service on Telegram
A recent Russian missile attack on Chernihiv has resulted in at least 10 fatalities and numerous injuries.

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On the morning on April 17, the city of Chernihiv witnessed a catastrophic missile strike by Russian forces targeting a densely populated area.

The attack claimed the lives of 10 people and inflicted injuries on more than 20 residents, according to local officials.

Details of the Attack

The strike occurred at 9:03 AM, hitting a neighborhood that, while not central, is heavily populated.

According to Chernihiv's acting Mayor Oleksandr Lomako, the attack specifically damaged a social infrastructure building.

"Three explosions rang out in the city... There is a direct hit to an 8-story building, with visually destroyed elements of the walls from the 3rd to the 6th floor and the annex to it," Lomako reported on Telegram.

In the wake of the attack, the Chernihiv Regional Blood Center issued an urgent call for blood donations, particularly from Rh negative donors, to help treat the injured.

Andriy Zhidenkov, General Director of the Chernihiv Regional Hospital, shared that his hospital alone received nine of the victims: "Three are in serious condition, the others in moderate condition. Most of the injured were taken to the Chernihiv District Hospital, which is located nearer to the epicenter of the impact."

Zhidenkov detailed the injuries sustained by the victims, including mine-explosive wounds, craniocerebral injuries, chest injuries, and damage to the vascular system of the limbs.

Presidential Response

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi commented on the tragic event via Telegram, expressing his condolences and highlighting the ongoing rescue operations: "People are under rubble. As of this time, we know about 20 injured and 10 dead. My condolences to the family and friends."

"And this would not have happened if Ukraine had received enough air defense equipment and if the world's determination in countering Russian terror was also sufficient.... Determination matters. Support matters. Ukrainian determination is sufficient. We need sufficient determination from partners and sufficient support that will reflect it," the President added.

The attack on Chernihiv is part of a broader pattern of aggression that has seen multiple regions in Ukraine placed under air alert due to the threat of further Russian missile attacks.

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