Dnipro and Kherson Face Overnight Assault

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.23 - 2024 7:55 AM CET

Vojtech Darvik Maca / Shutterstock.com
Vojtech Darvik Maca / Shutterstock.com
Explosions occurred in Dnipro, while Kherson faced Russian attacks overnight on February 22-23.

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During the night between February 22 and 23, explosions were heard in Dnipro and its outskirts, while Kherson experienced attacks from various Russian weapons.

This information comes from Suspilne, Ukraine's public broadcaster, and Roman Mrochko, the head of the Kherson City Military Administration, who shared updates on Telegram.

Suspilne reporters observed explosions in the suburbs of Dnipro, occurring simultaneously with an air-raid alert in the region.

Mrochko's update emphasized that Kherson was under attack by Russian artillery, urging residents to seek shelter for safety.

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