Do you remember this Russian woman who insulted Ukrainian refugees? She's not laughing now

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.18 - 2023 2:30 PM CET

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
This is what happened to her.

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Julia Prochorowa, originally from Samara, Russia, once lived and worked in Germany. She was an ardent supporter of Russia's actions in Ukraine and even publicly taunted Ukrainian refugees while living in Berlin and Munich.

However, according to Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, her life took a dramatic turn when she was deported back to Russia, a country she now desperately wants to leave.

A controversial figure in Germany

While residing in Germany, Julia gained notoriety for her provocative actions against Ukrainians. She would record videos praising Russia's aggression against Ukraine and even performed a dance called "Kalinka" in front of a Ukrainian crowd, waving a Russian flag.

Her actions eventually caught the attention of German authorities, leading to her arrest and deportation in the fall of 2022.

The reality of life in Russia

Upon her return to Russia, Julia was mandated to work in a factory, a far cry from her previous life in Germany where she worked in a Russian store and offered intimate services on the side, as reported by "Bild" journalists.

She quickly realized that life in Russia was not what she had envisioned. In her own words, "it is not a place to live," and "anyone who wants to live normally, leaves Russia."

Julia's life in Germany was not without its challenges. She had accumulated debts and had taken out microloans from various companies. Moreover, she was in Germany illegally, which contributed to her deportation.

Julia now dreams of living in the United States or returning to the West, but those dreams seem increasingly unattainable. Her recent recordings are filled with insults, a stark contrast to her previous enthusiastic support for Russia. After spending 1.5 years back in her homeland, she has come to a grim realization about the realities of life under Putin's regime.

You can watch Julia in the video below