Document shared among police reveals disturbing details About 'Person of Interest' in Maine mass shooting

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.26 - 2023 7:33 AM CET

Photo: Police
Photo: Police
Document shared among police reveals disturbing details About 'Person of Interest' in Maine mass shooting.

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New details have emerged about Robert Card, a 40-year-old man currently the subject of an extensive manhunt in the United States.

Card is considered a 'person of interest' in connection with two mass shootings at a bowling alley and a bar.

The Lewiston Maine Police Department issued a warning late Wednesday night, stating, "Card should be considered armed and dangerous.

Please contact the police if you know his whereabouts." The department also shared multiple photos of Card on their Facebook page. Watch their Facebook-post below

According to the Associated Press, an intelligence bulletin has been circulated among police officers involved in the search for Card. The bulletin reveals that Card was trained as a firearms instructor at a training facility for the U.S. Army Reserve in Maine.

But the revelations don't stop there.

The bulletin also states that Card was admitted to a psychiatric ward for two weeks in the summer of 2023. While specific details about his treatment or condition were not disclosed, the bulletin mentions that Card reported hearing voices and had threatened to commit a shooting at a military training base in Saco, Maine.

As the manhunt continues, authorities have urged local residents and business owners to stay indoors and off the streets. Maine State Police announced on social media,

"There is an active shooter in Lewiston. We are asking people to take shelter in place. Please stay in your homes with locked doors as the police are investigating multiple locations."

In a late-night press conference, Maine's Commissioner for Public Safety, Mike Sauschuck, confirmed that there are 'multiple casualties' from the two shootings. He did not comment on the number of victims but described the situation as 'unclear.'

Various media outlets, including BBC and AP, have reported at least 16 deaths, while Robert McCarthy, a local council member, told CNN that at least 22 people have died in the mass shooting. McCarthy received this information from the city council's office.

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