Does Putin really think Russians are THAT gullible?

Written by Fergus Hart

Sep.30 - 2023 1:28 PM CET

Does Putin think Russians are THAT gullible?

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In a move that has left many scratching their heads, Russian state media recently aired a video praising President Vladimir Putin's policies in Kaliningrad.

The catch? The footage was actually of the Polish city of Elblag, not Kaliningrad.

This isn't the first time Russian state media has made such a glaring mistake. From false claims about shooting down 'shadow missiles' to manipulated photos of deceased soldiers, the list is growing.

But this latest incident has many wondering: does Putin really think Russians are that gullible?

These repeated missteps are eroding public trust not just in the media but also in the Russian government. If the aim is to bolster national pride or paint a rosy picture of the state of affairs, these blunders are doing just the opposite.

Do you think these errors are simply oversights, or is there a calculated effort to mislead the public? And more importantly, does Putin really think Russians will fall for this? Share your thoughts.

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