Embarrassing scenes on Russian TV: This is what the border looks like

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.27 - 2023 10:53 AM CET

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Embarrassing scenes on Russian TV.

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Russian propaganda often resorts to behaviors far removed from the high standards of journalism. On Russian television, a map was shown with a marked route from St. Petersburg to Helsinki through the only open crossing. Here's what emerged.

Russians are again using people as human ammunition. This time, they are sending migrants to the borders of Finland and Estonia.

Dramatic images are appearing online

On the Russian side, groups of migrants equipped with bicycles and scooters are seen approaching the border points in about -20 degrees Celsius cold.

Finnish authorities, however, know that this sudden pressure on the border is orchestrated by the Kremlin. Therefore, a dramatic decision was made. First, four border crossings in Karelia were closed. The Finns strengthened security along the border.

Then, another four crossings were closed. One remains - the Raja-Jooseppi crossing in Finnish Lapland, located in the Arctic zone. However, the situation remains very tense.

On Friday, Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo clearly defined the actions of the Russians as a hybrid attack. Since November, when migrants lacking proper documents began to arrive intensively from Russia, about 800 people have come, most of them in the last two weeks.

Also on Friday, the Finnish government announced that new immigrants will be admitted to asylum centers. There, they will undergo necessary identification procedures. Authorities will check if there are any dangerous individuals among them.

Russia Mocks the Crisis on the Border with Finland The Russians are completely unconcerned about the crisis on the border with Finland. They are testing its values regarding human rights.

In Russian propaganda television, no one takes seriously the fate of migrants used as a weapon. This is perfectly illustrated by a recording posted by Anton Herashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian foreign minister.

The Russians have designated a route from St. Petersburg to Helsinki that must currently be taken, considering the current situation at the border. In this way, they drew a "member," which they did not hesitate to show on television.

The presenter stated that the Finns, reacting to the artificially and cynically induced border crisis by the Kremlin and closing the border, want to "gain favor with Washington."

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