Escalation in Gaza: Netanyahu dismisses cease-fire calls, citing need to combat terrorism

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.31 - 2023 8:47 AM CET


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly rejected any calls for a cease-fire amidst escalating military actions in the Gaza Strip, expanding the incursion into the region's northern territories.

In a rare press appearance, Netanyahu labeled Hamas as part of an "axis of evil," condemning their attack on Israeli soil on October 7 as unprecedented savagery.

The Israeli leader compared the situation to significant U.S. historical events such as Pearl Harbor and 9/11, asserting that just as the U.S. did not bow to calls for cease-fire during those times, Israel would not surrender to terrorism.

He emphasized the importance of standing against what he described as "the enemies of civilization," urging other countries to join Israel's fight.

Despite the rising death toll in Gaza, surpassing 8,300 casualties including over 3,000 children as reported by the Gaza Health Ministry, Netanyahu maintained that the safe zones in southern Gaza are accessible to civilians, blaming Hamas for the civilian casualties.

He insists that the ground incursion aims to pressurize Hamas into releasing hostages, though details on this strategy remain scarce.

The Israeli Prime Minister's stance has ignited further debates and criticisms, especially considering his government's inability to prevent the initial Hamas attack.

Despite growing calls for accountability and his resignation, Netanyahu stands resolute, refusing to step down or change course.

The international community watches closely as this complex and tragic situation continues to unfold, with urgent pleas for humanitarian considerations and a resolution to the violence.

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