Escalation in Gaza: US stands Firm on Israeli use of weapons

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.31 - 2023 12:20 PM CET


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The ongoing conflict in Gaza has seen a devastating increase in violence, with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conducting airstrikes and a ground offensive against the Palestinian group Hamas.

The situation has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties and extensive damage to the Gaza Strip.

In light of these events, the Pentagon has made a controversial statement, asserting that there are no restrictions on how Israel can use US-provided weapons in their military operations in Gaza.

This announcement has raised concerns among international observers and human rights advocates, given the rising death toll and destruction in the area.

Unwavering Support

The US has a long history of supporting Israel, and this instance is no exception. Following a series of surprise attacks by Hamas on October 7, which resulted in significant loss of life and hostages taken, the US expedited military support to Israel. This support included additional interceptors for Israel's Iron Dome air-defense system, precision-guided munitions, and the deployment of two carrier strike groups to the region to deter further escalation.

The cost of this conflict has been immense, with over 8,000 Palestinians killed and more than 16,000 injured, according to figures provided by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry. Despite these numbers, the Pentagon maintains that the use of US-provided weapons is at the discretion of the IDF.

Humanitarian Concerns

While the US continues to support Israel's right to defend itself, there have been increasing calls for a ceasefire and for the protection of civilians caught in the crossfire.

Gaza is home to over 2 million people, many of whom are unable to leave the conflict zone. The US and Israel accuse Hamas of using civilians as human shields, complicating efforts to minimize civilian casualties.

US law stipulates that security assistance cannot be provided to countries that consistently violate human rights. However, the interpretation of this law is flexible, and the current administration's support of Israel amidst this conflict has been met with criticism from various quarters.