Espionage and Arson: Authorities Detain Suspects Linked to Russian Intelligence

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.30 - 2024 8:58 AM CET

Photo: DarSzach /
Photo: DarSzach /
Polish authorities have detained suspects linked to Russian intelligence for espionage and arson.

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Polish authorities have detained two Belarusians and a Pole on suspicion of planning and carrying out arson attacks on various establishments, including shopping centers, restaurants, and construction warehouses.

The detentions were executed by the Polish Internal Security Agency, with all three individuals accused of collaborating with the Russian military intelligence agency, GRU.

Details of the Arrests

According to LRT, the suspects were reportedly involved in an attempt to ignite a property in Gdansk and succeeded in setting fire to two locations near Warsaw.

The Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported that the individuals were motivated by a reward of 10,000 euros.

One of the detained Belarusians was found to be residing in Poland with a "card of a Pole," a document confirming Polish ancestry.

The investigation suggests a connection between these detainees and a Ukrainian arrested in January. This Ukrainian had planned to set fire to a shopping center in Wroclaw and a nearby store.

The Polish investigation indicates that the attackers aimed to spread chaos and instill fear among the public, while also causing considerable property damage.

All three suspects are facing the possibility of life imprisonment if found guilty.

Additional Espionage Case

In a related development, a Ukrainian has been detained for attempting to recruit a Polish citizen to spy for a reward of 15,000 euros.

The espionage effort focused on obtaining photographs of military vehicles intended to support Ukraine, which were en route to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

This detainee has been charged with inciting espionage and faces up to eight years in prison.

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