Estonian Authorities Arrest University Professor on Espionage Charges for Russia

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.16 - 2024 1:30 PM CET

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In a significant development, Estonian authorities have arrested Vyacheslav Morozov, a political science professor and Russian citizen, on suspicions of espionage for Russia. This news was reported by the Estonian broadcasting network ERR, citing state prosecutors.

Until earlier this month, Morozov was a faculty member at the University of Tartu. He was dismissed by the university after it was revealed that he faced espionage charges. Morozov was arrested on January 3 and is currently being held in state custody in Tallinn. Detailed information about the charges against him has not been made public by state investigators.

ERR's report traces Morozov's academic career, noting that he worked at St. Petersburg State University until 2020 before moving to Estonia. From 2016 to 2023, he held a position as a professor of E.U. and Russia studies at Tartu University. He was later employed as a professor of international theory at the same institution from September 2023 until his dismissal on January 11, 2024.

Margo Palloson, the head of the Estonian Internal Security Service, commented on the case, stating that Morozov's arrest is "one more on a list of dozens." Palloson emphasized that this case demonstrates the Russian intelligence services' efforts to infiltrate various sectors of Estonian society, including academia.

This arrest underscores the ongoing tensions and security concerns in the Baltic region, particularly regarding the influence and activities of Russian intelligence operations abroad. The case against Morozov is seen as part of a broader pattern of espionage activities targeting Estonia and other neighboring countries.