Estonian PM Urges Allies to Arm Ukraine From Their Stocks

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.21 - 2024 8:50 AM CET

Photo: Alexandros Michailidis /
Photo: Alexandros Michailidis /
Estonian PM Urges allies to Arm Ukraine From Their Stocks.

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Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas highlighted on February 20, as reported by the public broadcaster ERR, that Western countries possess additional military equipment in storage which can be deployed to support Ukraine.

In discussions with defense industry leaders at the Munich Security Conference, Kallas outlined proposals for a defense industrial park in Estonia.

She also echoed Czech President Petr Pavel's recent revelation that Prague has identified 800,000 artillery shells available for procurement and delivery to Ukraine.

Kallas emphasized the responsibility of nations with surplus stockpiles to coordinate their distribution to Ukraine. "It is imperative for countries that have stockpiles to determine how to transfer these surplus weapons to Ukraine," Kallas remarked.

She addressed the significant role of major allies in this effort, stressing the ongoing deliberations on how to augment support for Ukraine. Kallas expressed her belief in the potential of other countries' stockpiles to contribute to Ukraine's defense capabilities.

This initiative aligns with the European Commission's announcement on January 11 that the EU aims to produce one million artillery shells for Ukraine by the end of winter 2024, underscoring the international commitment to bolster Ukraine's military resilience.