EU Close to Historic Decision – Entire Country May Face Exclusion

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.27 - 2024 8:36 AM CET

EU Close to Historic Decision.

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The European Union (EU) is on the brink of implementing its toughest measure to date, as reported by Politico.

EU leaders are considering invoking Article 7, a significant move that could block a member country from participating in EU voting processes.

Hungary, under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's leadership, is the country at risk of facing these repercussions. Orbán's government has resisted contributing to a €50 billion EU aid package for Ukraine, insisting that the rest of the EU nations should jointly finance the aid without Hungary's contribution.

Frustration with Hungary Mounts

According to Politico, citing five EU officials and diplomats, the EU's patience with a defiant Hungary is wearing thin. Diplomats indicate a growing willingness to exclude Hungary from voting processes, a step previously deemed "unthinkable."

The move is considered due to Hungary's perceived endangerment of Ukraine's security, a candidate for EU membership.

Article 7 Activation Imminent

The activation of Article 7 could occur within weeks. An EU diplomat stated that if Orbán blocks an agreement at the February summit, Hungary could lose its voting rights.

Steven Van Hecke, a professor of European politics at KU Leuven University, acknowledges the serious threat Hungary faces. He notes that EU leaders are growing tired of Orbán and stresses the reality of the Article 7 threat.

Historic Decision

Invoking Article 7 would be a historic decision for the EU, as it has never been used against any member state. To activate the article, a four-fifths majority of EU members must agree.