EU Diplomat Confirms: Multiple Countries Will Recognize Palestine

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.10 - 2024 1:21 PM CET

Photo: Oscar Gonzalez Fuentes /
Photo: Oscar Gonzalez Fuentes /
Several EU member states plan to formally recognize the state of Palestine on May 21.

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The European Union will soon see several of its member states formally recognize the state of Palestine on May 21, according to the EU's foreign affairs chief, Josep Borrell.

This confirmation came from Borrell during a late Thursday announcement, as reported by Reuters.

The statement arrives just ahead of an important United Nations vote scheduled for Friday, which could potentially pave the way for Palestine's full membership in the organization.

A Commitment to a Two-State Solution

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had previously indicated in March that Spain, along with Ireland, Slovenia, and Malta, intended to acknowledge Palestinian statehood as part of a concerted move towards supporting a two-state solution, which they view as critical to achieving lasting peace in the region.

This group of EU countries, potentially joined by Belgium and others in the future, views the recognition as a symbolic political act that affirms their support for the Palestinian aspiration to statehood.

Borrell emphasized the broader implications of this move, describing it as "more than the recognition of the state, it is the recognition of the will to exist of this state."

International Reactions

The forthcoming UN General Assembly vote is expected to endorse Palestine’s bid for full membership.

Should the General Assembly find Palestine eligible, the application will then be forwarded to the UN Security Council for further consideration. This step is seen as a critical juncture in Palestine's long pursuit of international recognition as a sovereign state.

Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE, noted that the joint recognition by Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, and Malta is contingent upon the outcome of the UN vote.

Slovenia’s Prime Minister Robert Golob has also confirmed plans for recognizing Palestinian statehood by mid-June, aligning with the broader EU perspective.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Norway is also prepared to recognize the Palestinian state, although the timeline for such a decision remains unclear.

This collective move by EU member states represents a significant development in international relations concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel has expressed strong opposition to these plans, labeling them as a "reward for terrorism" and arguing that they might diminish the prospects for a negotiated peace agreement in Gaza.

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