EU Leaders Call for New Sanctions Against Belarus, North Korea and Iran

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.22 - 2024 8:21 AM CET

Photo: Sandor Szmutko /
Photo: Sandor Szmutko /
EU leaders advocate for new sanctions against Belarus, North Korea, and Iran over support for Russia.

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At the summit held on Thursday, EU leaders urged the European Commission to prepare additional sanctions against Belarus, North Korea, and Iran, in light of their support for Russia's aggressive warfare against Ukraine, as reported by "European Truth."

The leaders of all EU member states came to an unanimous agreement that Russia's access to sensitive items and technologies that are important for the conduct of hostilities should be limited as much as possible.

This includes targeting actors in third countries.

The European Council has tasked Josep Borrell, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, along with the European Commission, to "prepare further sanctions against Belarus, North Korea, and Iran," according to the conclusions.

The European Council has encouraged the EU Council and the European Commission to improve the exchange of information and intensify the actions of the EU and member states with third countries to seal any loopholes that allow sanction circumvention, both within and beyond the EU.

The EU Council also advocates for the swift ratification of the negotiation framework drafted by the European Commission for Ukraine and Moldova.

Furthermore, the EU leaders concurred on the continuation of efforts to employ profits from the frozen assets of the Russian Central Bank, including for the provision of military aid to Ukraine.

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