EU proposes 12th sanction package against Russia targeting military and IT sectors

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.15 - 2023 5:32 PM CET


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The European Union, spearheaded by its top diplomat Josep Borrell, has introduced a proposal for its twelfth set of sanctions against Russia, according to news site European Pravda

The new sanctions, which aim to penalize over 120 individuals and legal entities, were announced on Wednesday. This initiative underscores the EU's continued effort to respond to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The individuals targeted are primarily from the military, defense, and IT sectors of Russia, along with other significant economic players.

These sanctions are a direct response to the actions undermining Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In addition to these targeted sanctions, the proposal includes punitive measures for those involved in the pseudo-elections held in the territories of Ukraine temporarily occupied by Russia.

It also seeks to penalize individuals responsible for the forced "re-education" of Ukrainian children and those spreading Russian disinformation and propaganda.

The European Commission is also advocating for new bans on specific imports and exports. Furthermore, the proposal aims to bolster the existing oil price ceiling and reinforce measures to prevent the circumvention of EU sanctions.

While specific details of the sanctions were not disclosed in the European departments' statement, Bloomberg reported that the proposed measures would restrict trade in goods valued at approximately 5 billion euros. '

This includes a prohibition on exporting machine tools and parts used by Russia to manufacture weapons for the war against Ukraine.

The push for this new set of sanctions gained momentum following a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven countries in Japan, where they agreed to impose restrictions on diamonds of Russian origin.

This move by the EU signifies a persistent and strategic effort to exert economic pressure on Russia in response to its actions in Ukraine.

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