Every tourist's worst nightmare: Glass bridge shatters, claiming one life

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.30 - 2023 6:31 PM CET

Photo: X
Photo: X
Glass bridge shatters, claiming one life.

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On a quiet Wednesday (October 25th), the tranquility of the Limpakuwus Pine Forest in Central Java, Indonesia was shattered along with the iconic glass bridge at The Geong, a popular tourist attraction.

The calamity left one tourist dead and three others injured, tarnishing the serene beauty of the area with a dark hue of tragedy.

According to Asianews Network, the accident occurred when a group of 11 tourists was on the bridge, which suddenly gave way due to its mere 1.2cm thickness.

The ordeal exposed the negligence towards safety standards as no prior safety testing was conducted nor were safety nets installed around the bridge.

The aftermath saw investigators from the Central Java Forensic Laboratory arriving at the scene to unravel the cause of the mishap, as officers meticulously scanned the remnants of the broken bridge.

The unsettling images of the shattered glass bridge against the backdrop of the dense pine forest made rounds in local and international media, highlighting the dire need for stringent safety measures at tourist attractions.

The catastrophe also revealed a communication gap between the management of The Geong and the Limpakuwus Pine Forest Cooperative.

Eko Purnomo, the chairman of the cooperative, had earlier voiced safety concerns to The Geong's manager, especially after social media comments on the bridge's safety started surging. However, the bridge's manager dismissed these concerns by not personally attending the meeting and sending a representative instead, thus leaving the safety warnings unheeded.

The tragic event has now prompted a closure of the Limpakuwus Pine Forest tourist area for an indefinite period as investigations continue. Moreover, the incident has ignited a discourse on the imperative need for regular safety evaluations and the implementation of robust safety protocols to prevent such calamities in the future.

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