Expert warns: Putin could die before the end of autumn

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.13 - 2023 3:49 PM CET

Expert warns that Putin is on the brink of death.

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Political scientist Valery Solovey has recently made a startling claim about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In an interview on the YouTube channel 'Khodorkovsky Live,' Solovey stated that Putin is "terminally ill" and could die before the end of autumn.

These comments follow Solovey's previous observations that Putin has been visibly swollen and absent from public appearances since early 2020.

Solovey went further to say that Putin is on the "brink of death" and that his demise is imminent. "As soon as Putin dies, we will know within a few hours.

There are too many stakeholders, both outside and within Russia, for such information to remain a secret," he said. However, he did not specify the cause of Putin's alleged impending death.

Rumors about Putin's deteriorating health have been circulating since he ordered Russian troops into Ukraine in March 2022. Despite this, the Kremlin has consistently claimed that the president is in good health.

Adding to the speculation, Ukrainian plastic surgeon Dmytro Slosser recently commented on the possibility that Putin has a body double.

He pointed out inconsistencies in the way Putin's arms hang, sometimes the left and at other times the right, as evidence of this theory.