Family devastated when 81-year-old grandfather disappears: You won't believe where they found him

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.24 - 2023 8:51 AM CET

Photo: Greater Manchester Police
Photo: Greater Manchester Police
You won't believe where they found him.

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An 81-year-old man named Ronald Webster left his family in a state of distress when he mysteriously disappeared from his home. Ronald was last seen in his garden before he vanished following a bus trip.

According to Daily Star, his family was heartbroken to learn that he had left without taking his mobile phone or medication. All he had with him were the clothes he was wearing.

A week later, Ronald was found in a Wetherspoons pub in Manchester, enjoying a cold pint of beer.

According to reports, he was 'afraid' to return home to his wife, prompting his granddaughter to joke that he was in 'trouble.'

Before being located, a nationwide search had been initiated by the police. Ronald was found safe and sound on September 22, but before that, Greater Manchester Police had issued a public missing person alert for him.

His family revealed that the week had been agonizing for them as they had no clue where he had been.

"He has no reason to have just left. The date has no significance, and he has no friends or relatives he's trying to reach," said his granddaughter, Paige Tattersall.

Paige later confirmed on Facebook that her grandfather had returned home, and the post received more than 2,000 likes.

"He was at Wetherspoons in Manchester, having a beer before coming home. He's perfectly fine. He was just scared to go back to my grandma, I think! He knows he's in trouble!" she wrote.

The family is relieved that Ronald is back home safely.

"Getting that phone call saying they've found him safe will never be comparable to anything. And to reunite him with grandma. We can all sleep tonight, now that he's safely home where he belongs," Paige added.

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