Family overwhelmed after surpassing £250,000 cancer fundraising goal for young son

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.21 - 2023 11:08 AM CET

Foto: Privat
Foto: Privat
Family overwhelmed after surpassing £250,000 cancer fundraising goal.

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An Ayrshire family has been left astounded after their fundraising appeal to send their young son to New York for specialized neuroblastoma treatment surpassed its £250,000 target. Calum Rae, a courageous four-year-old from Troon, is battling stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Calum's mother, Victoria, was devastated earlier this year when what was initially thought to be chickenpox turned out to be cancer. Since March, Calum has undergone intensive treatment to combat the disease.

However, this type of cancer is notorious for its recurrence and resistance to treatment. Victoria and her husband, Andrew, are hopeful that a trial vaccine in New York will prevent the disease from returning. However, the treatment, combined with trips to New York, comes with a hefty price tag of £250,000.

The family faced the daunting task of raising the funds by next year, hoping that Calum would enter remission and commence his potentially life-saving treatment in the US. Their online fundraising campaign has now exceeded its initial goal, reaching a total of £253,690. The family expressed their immense gratitude on Calum's official fundraiser page, particularly highlighting a significant anonymous donation.

The heartwarming news coincided with Calum's discharge from the hospital after a successful surgery to remove a tumor. The family expressed their profound appreciation for the overwhelming support they've received, stating, "It is truly wonderful what you have all achieved for us, and we are forever grateful to you."

Despite reaching their fundraising goal, the family plans to continue their efforts, as they are uncertain about the exact costs of the treatment and potential relapse treatments available only in New York and Europe. They have also expressed their intention to donate any surplus funds to neuroblastoma charities.

Those wishing to support Calum Rae can continue to contribute via his online fundraising page.